Listen: DAME DOLLA new single “Tell Me Why”

Monday’s usually suck, right? Well the past 3 Monday’s have been better than normal. 3 Mondays and 3 new Damian Lillard aka DAME DOLLA songs. Do the maths, could this be the next #4barfriday? Damian Lillard is out on a mission to prove he is the best rapper in the NBA. He previously released two singles on his soundcloud page titled “Soldier In The Game” and “Full Stomach”.

Dame and his childhood friend V.I.P rap over Jadakiss’ hit song “Why” from the 2004 album Kiss Of Death. This time around Lillard gets deep, asking some pivotal questions that needs answers. He covers topics ranging from being overlooked throughout his basketball career, social injustice, money, God and everything else in between.

“Why the world get its motion from money?
Why is Instagram getting folks indicted? Why we posing as dummies?
Why these people care to follow my tweets?
Why we ignore the call from God, turn around and take the call from the streets?”

Check out the song below and let us know what you think. This is my favorite track from him so far. Stay woke for his upcoming album/mixtape release. This line from “Tell Me Why” should help.

“Why love a life that ain’t loving you back?
Why I’m successful with the rock but feel I was destined to rap?

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