Listen: Damian Lillard “I Wish I Could Tell You” Ft Brookfield Duece

Dame DOLLA I Wish I Could Tell You Ft Brookfield Duece via Soundcloud
Dame DOLLA I Wish I Could Tell You Ft Brookfield Duece via Soundcloud

In the final addition of #MusicMondays for the summer, Dame DOLLA hopped on the remix of his cousin Brookfield Deuce‘s “I Wish I Could Tell You,” produced by Matcy P Beats. Dame and Brookfield pay homage to their Oakland heritage with the heavy Bay Area inspired beat that slaps HARD! We are used to Dame dropping something inspiring and thought provoking, but hearing him rap about Porsche’s and good looking women is just as fun, if not more.

Last week he spoke to Complex and Basketball Insiders about his music.

Complex: How are you feeling about the response to Music Mondays?
Damian Lillard: I believed in it but I didn’t know the response would be like it has been. It’s been much more support than hate. Usually when basketball players try to rap, they always say, “Stick to basketball.”

Complex: You think that sort of reputation is unfair?
Damian Lillard: No, it’s not, because half of the dudes that try to rap can’t rap.

Complex: Even in rap rap—hip-hop.
Damian Lillard: I mean real rappers can’t rap half the time, let alone a basketball player. A lot of basketball players tried it—it just didn’t work. The second you see a basketball player rapping, you’re expecting to be like, “Why is he doing this?”

Basketball Insiders: Let’s talk about your rapping. First of all, you are ridiculously talented. Are you putting out an album and is there a timetable for that to drop?

Damian Lillard:Well, I plan on putting out a short album. I want to do it way before the season is even creeping up on us; I want to get something done early. But it’s already done. If I do put something out, it’s not something that I need to do now, it’s already done. I recorded a lot stuff. But the crazy thing is, I don’t spent a lot of time doing it. I have things that I do. I work out twice a day, I get my lift in, I hang out with my family and I’ve just been relaxing a lot. But some nights, I decide to go the studio and do some music just to give myself some balance, to put my mind in a different place and kind of put my emotions out there a little bit. I don’t spend a lot of time doing it, so it’s been kind of funny to see people like, ‘Oh he better get in the gym!

Check out the latest track and let us know what you think.

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