LISTEN: Elzhi ft. Skonie – coSIGN

elzhi Lead Poison

Back from the dead comes Elzhi, a Detroit rapper most well known for his mixtape Elmatic, a strong and inspired work playing off the Nas’ classic 1994 debut. “coSIGN” is a single from a crowdfunded project effort expected to release soon titled Lead Poison. If the single is indicative of any expectations for the album, expect the album to slay. A classic Muckraker, Elzhi cleans the floor with lyricism like:

With everyone who’s talking from behind knowin’
So I can’t miss my shot like Sean po-in
Rondo’in so watch the dime go in
Till I’m raking in cash and cutting through a snake in the grass
Lawn mowing

Lead Poison was expected to release a while ago, with funders from the Kickstarter Campaign growing skeptical as to whether or not the project would even be released. This was cleared up during a Noisey interview, reporting that “Elzhi announced the album in November 2013 and took fan donations to the tune of $37,000. A look at the page for his campaign shows mixed reactions.” Expect Elzhi to shock the standards we hold ourselves to this day in 2016 because with lyricism like this, it’d be an absolute mistake to sleep on.