Listen: Every Remix of Hotline Bling

The unprecedented success of “Hotline Bling” has led it to become perhaps one of 2015’s most entertaining Hip-Hop storylines. Dropped along with “Right Hand’ and “Charged Up” in late July, it was the latter track that gained all the attention, beef being served more than R&B loosies at the time.

Ironically though, “Hotline Bling” now sits third in the Billboard Hot 100 (down from second last week) and has been charting for an impressive three months.  It has amassed 146 million Spotify plays and the music video, barely a week old, has been viewed over 38 million times.

And what a music video it is.  Assuming you’re not one of the 38 million who’ve spent the last few days obsessing over memes, it consists of thick women and Drake’s dancing, which strikes some sort of weird yet impressive balance between foolishness and self-awareness.

Naturally, it became a media phenomenon.  It’s undeniable that Drake knew he was making nothing short of meme fodder and it didn’t take long for the remixes to pile up.  There were, however, so many willing to jump on the hype train that it was difficult to keep track of all of them.  Therefore, we’ve compiled them all here for you to listen to, and we’ll update it whenever a new one is released.



‘Hotline Bling’ has proved a sensation partly because of the insane diversity of its remixes.  We’ve got covers from prominent male singers (Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Charlie Puth and Sufjan Stevens), covers from R&B queens (Erykah Badu, Yuna Zarai and Kehlani), and cross-genre/international remixes such as Fuego’s Hispanic remix and Sizzla’s Dancehall cover.  We’ve even got Iman Shumpert assaulting our ears once more.  There truly is something for everyone.













Well, there it is – every remix of “Hotline Bling” we could find.  Let us know if we missed any, and also your favourite.

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