You Can’t Take Felly’s Freedom

Felly hits us hard with the first single off his upcoming YOUNG FEL EP, “Desert Eagle.” The twenty-year-old rapper was born in Connecticut and currently resides in LA. With a flow and tone similar to Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd, Felly absolutely kills this track along with the help of GYYPS.

The slow trap beat is absolutely chilling, especially when the line “I think they coming for my freedom” echoes through. People are always out to get you or bring you down, and Felly isn’t paying them any mind on this track. Many people can get behind this anthem of doing you no matter what. Felly embodies that whole message throughout “Desert Eagle” and his other works.

A bunch of eagles I don’t feed em’

If you liked “Desert Eagle” you can download it off iTunes, and make sure to go check out the rest of Felly’s Soundlcoud. Keep an eye out for the YOUNG FEL EP to drop later this year and let us know what you think of Felly in the comments.