Listen: Freddie Gibbs – The World Is My Ashtray

Phot Via Urbanleakz

Freddie Gibbs and Ski Beatz have teamed up again, this time for Freddie’s new song “The World Is My Ashtray.” You might know the Gary, Indiana rapper from being part of XXL Magazine’s Freshmen Class of 2010, and if you don’t, you’ve likely heard at least one of the top-notch projects he’s put out since then, like PiñataA Cold Day in Hell, and Baby Face Killa. “The World Is My Ashtray” is his latest release since his song “My Dope House” dropped back in May.

Just by the title you can tell this track is going to be a no-holds-barred-fuck-the-world-this-is-me type of song, and it is. Freddie touches on a lot of topics in this track, from drug use to politics and even his rap career. “Used to rap and hope that a record company notice me / Only to get signed and dropped a year later with no release” touches on Gibbs’ past relationship with Interscope Records before he was dropped from the label. The track sounds like a rap-rock record, with Ski Beatz laying down wavy strings in the back over heavy drums that enter the beat in a way that you can really vibe to. The instrumentation is what really makes this song a success.

Might not rap forever so I’m thuggin ‘til my last day / Bitch I said the world is my motherfuckin’ ashtray

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