Listen: “Free Bands” Damian Lillard raps over Drakes “10 Bands”


So I guess the weekly tradition has a name. #MusicMondays continues with Dame DOLLA rapping over the infamous “10 Bands” by Drake … Or Quentin Miller…Whatever side of the fence you’re on, it shouldn’t matter when listening to Lillard’s version called “Free Bands,” featuring once again childhood friend V.I.P, and Bozzle.

This song is the fourth track in a span of a month from Dame, who has taken to putting out new tracks each Monday.

Who knows how long he can continue at this pace. Things may change in October when the NBA season starts.

Lillard’s other songs include, “Soldier in the Game,” “Full Stomach” and “Tell Me Why.” Let us know what you think and which one was your favorite.

“People blowin’ up my phone, I let that line rest/Shootin’ j’s free my mind, I’m launching bomb threats.”