Listen: The Game – “On Me” and “Mula”

Photo Via Rapbasement

Besides his usual beef of the month, The Game has announced his sixth album, The Documentary 2. Jam-packed with work, the album delivers a total of 19 tracks on two sides (the length of the first half is 73 minutes, while the second half’s length isn’t divulged to the public at the moment) with a flock of features to back it.  Two of these songs have turned up online recently, “On Me,” featuring Kendrick Lamar, and “Mula,” featuring Kanye West. 

“On Me” is a song that deserves to be slapped on the block. Accompanied by trademark vocal samples, the funky bass line reminiscent of TPAB slowly floods in, sinking into your soul and provoking your head to bob. Opening with an infectious “Oh no,” The Game comes in on the beat with lyrical precision the demands you to listen. The two Compton natives deliver a perfect anthem that plays on the loyalty that was demanded of them in their childhoods.

“I put that on me / that’s on me / you get a bullet fuckin’ with the little homie.”

You can listen to “One Me” below:

Kanye West grabs a guest spot in “Mula,” which samples Phantogram’s “Fall in Love.” The track opens with distorted sound leading into The Game holding nothing back, lamenting how rappers are releasing “weak ass albums.” He refers to Kanye multiple times throughout the opening verse, acknowledging that he respects Kanye’s work in the game and shows why he wanted him on this song. Kanye takes hold of the hook, singing in a way that is reminiscent of Ye’s earlier albums.

What comes once you reach the top? Money. That “Mula.”

“Most you niggas just rapping for the fame though / I start rapping to get the fuck out this Durango / What goes around comes around / how that saying go? / Documentary 2, no 50 keep the change hoe”

If these two tracks are any indication, the rest of the album will be one to look out for; even though he’s fingerbanging Instagram models, back in 2005, The Documentary went double platinum for The Game. We’ll see if he can match that same success with The Documentary 2. Part one will be released October 9th, with the second half dropping October 16th.