Listen: The Game – Ride Solo

The Game returns, delivers, and is not one be slept on. After dropping the successful 2 disc The Documentary 2 and 2.5, The Game plans to re-release it again but this time with 4 new bonus songs.

One of my niggas stole some money from a nigga, he was trippin’
That’s why you never bring your homeboys where you livin’

“Ride Solo” is an impressive track, carrying a common motif about questioning real friends and their character. Reminiscent flow of the great Tupac Shakur and J.Cole, he does this all while rapping over an aesthetically fined piano synth; a contrast to hip-hop’s fundamental kicks, snares and hi-hats.

With The Game slated to release the Documentary 2 Collector’s edition today, it’s good time to be alive. Check out The Game’s new track in the link below.

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