Schoolboy Q Introduces us to Groovy Tony

TDE promised us big things this year, and while details were left more on the mysterious side, they have delivered on their promise thus far. From Lebron James asking for a Kendrick Lamar’s untitled tracks to be released, and having his wish come true, to now receiving a new Schoolboy Q track accompanied by a unique visual, the hype is too real. The track is titled “Groovy Tony,” and is a vintage Schoolboy joint.

The video is filmed uniquely, at times being using first person view while switching out to third person at others. There are also some crazy visual effects throughout the video that help add the eerie vibe, especially the blank face killer himself, Tony. It appears that “Groovy Tony” might not be the kind of guy you want to take home to your parents. From bodies in a junk yard, big guns, and lighting up a joint off your own burning arm, “Groovy Tony” lives a lifestyle not intended for the faint of heart, and Q helps emphasize this with his flow and choice of lyrics. While drugs have been a part of Q’s songs before, this time around it feels a little different, with a new persona being created, almost an alter ego.

Blank face, Tre 8 / Kill everybody, fuck an AK / Sell narcotics and step my dollars up to Bill Gates

This track is an exciting turn of events, as Q is set to have an album drop at some point this year. Hopefully within the next few weeks we might be lucky enough to get another single, or better yet, the album itself. Make sure to keep your eyes an ears peeled for new TDE and Schoolboy Q for the rest of 2016, we’ll be sure to update you over here at True Too. Take a listen to “Groovy Tony” below, and let us know what you think of the track and visual in the comments section.

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