Rejoice for Gucci Mane with “First Day Out Da Feds”


Gucci Mane lives a crazier life than you will ever dream of living. Two days ago, he released “First Day Out Da Feds” and it’s a remarkable song. But the fact that it’s actually a good song (rated BNM on Pitchfork) has very little to do with why it’s a good song. “First Day Out Da Feds” serves as a sequel to “First Day Out” – a song released in 2009 when Gucci was also released from prison. Think about that. This dude actually has had the opportunity to release a popular rap song to the world one day after being released from prison twice. It doesn’t get much realer than that.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise of course. Guwop’s Legal Issues section on Wikipedia spans the course of 15 years and features over 800 words. Despite his past troubles, the days ahead are looking bright for Gucci. He has reportedly lost 50 pounds due to his new diet and exercise regiment. On Instagram, La Flare posted a picture showing off his slim physique posing next to a white piano.

Fresh as I’m iz

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As for his music, Gucci’s “First Day Out Da Feds” is produced by MikeWiLLMadeIt, and features an absolutely chilling beat. Following Gucci’s last prison release,


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