Listen: Hit-Boy Zoomin’ Surprise Mixtape

Hit-Boy Zoomin'
Hit-Boy Zoomin'

Let’s be honest, the majority of mixtapes these days are trash. Even discounting all the skits and self indulgent speeches that more and more rappers have been including on tapes lately, the very format of a free tape lends itself to the artist not investing as much. It’s rare then that I wish a mixtape was longer but today, Hit-Boy’s new tape Zoomin’ got us feeling some kinda way.

Better known for his production credentials, Hit-boy’s career as a rapper never caught on when compared to his platinum beats including, “Trophies“, “N*ggas in Paris“, “Clique“, and many others. The man has more platinum records than electoral votes for Kanye.

This is pretty much the case for the tape too; while none of the verses are bad persay, the verses that stand out aren’t from Hit-boy himself, but from the guests on the album. Pusha T reminds us about bringing Givenchy to the ghetto and the “rap game Hans Zimmer” Quentin Miller, better known as Drake’s alleged ghostwriter, comes through twice.

The whole tape is only five tracks and clocks in just over twenty minutes. There are no true Hit-boy “bangers” similar to what he is typically called in to lend his talents to, and the overall direction benefits from it. Violins are thematically central in every track and the subs aren’t nearly as booming and expansive as one would typically expect from Hit-Boy. All in all however, for a free midweek tape there’s nothing you can complain about.

You can stream the tape below and be sure to check out Hit-boy’s other projects including HS87, a group which includes a nebulous core of rappers even including his own father.

I’m dropping this project because it is where I am at musically and lifestyle wise,” said the HS87 founder. “Zoomin’ is more than music, it is a movement all about forward motion. I want to inspire people to do what they do to the fullest and keep moving forward, no matter what life throws your way

-via Rap Up

Download Zoomin’ here and listen on Youtube below.

1. Zoom Zoom ft. Geeezy P
2. Bussin’ Moves ft. Pusha T and Quentin Miller
3. Open Road
4. Absurd (May 21st) ft. Gizzle
5. OT Freestyle ft. Quentin Miller

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