Listen: iSHi Feat. French Montana and Raekwon – We Run


Sweden is known for their super-store Ikea, their great neutrality, and their meatballs, but what very few people know is that Sweden has been a hub for the next generation of hip-hop producers. Stockholm based producer iSHi is at the top of that list, and has recently dropped a song with French Montana and Raekwon titled “We Run.”

Dirty money hit me like a needle
Got me standing on the street like the Beatles
I’m a mother fucking coke boy
Baby, come and run the world with a dope boy

French Montana delivers his drug influenced verse, glorifying his drug dealer lifestyle. Montana’s flow on this track is old school, as he uses short phrases resulting in a simple rhyme scheme. Raekwon then rebukes with a dangerously hard verse, as he talks about his gangster activities. The production on this track is perfect, as iSHi utilizes the “boom-bap” style to help articulate the verses.

Listen to the track below: 

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