LISTEN: Jesse James Solomon – The Ride Home

While Grime is often considered the UK’s best answer to Hip-Hop in other nations, UK Hip-Hop is often unfairly cast aside.  In general, us Brits don’t have the voices to flow over a DJ Premier beat with the same character of a Wiley instrumental, and that’s fine.  However, UK Hip-Hop has inexplicably been making strides in recent years, something that artists such as Little Simz and Loyle Carner have been a testament to.  Similarly to Loyle (a resident favourite here at TrueToo), Jesse James Solomon’s music is brooding and contemplative, ideal to listen to while walking home in the dark and drizzle or staring out of the bus window at a bland cityscape, both common occurrences in London I can assure you.

Jesse first came into the foreground of UK Hip-Hop with the release of Jesse From SE, a 4-track EP last year that was picked up by several tastemaking blogs, Noisey chief among them.  Back with a new 5-track release, entitled The Ride Home, Jesse has already garnered hundreds of thousands of Soundcloud plays.  This new video for the project’s lead single shows clear progression while maintaining his personal artistic direction, deeply impressive for such a young musician in the space of a year.

Watch the video for “The Ride Home” below, and listen to both of Jesse’s projects.