Kanye West - Facts
Kanye West - Facts

If you weren’t hype for SWISH before, you will be now. Yeezus has blessed us with brand new music to bring in the new year, a tradition started last year with his hit ‘Only One’. It is not known if the new track ‘Facts’ will be on SWISH, but if it’s any indication, SWISH will be fire!

Did he forget the names like Steve Harvey?

‘Facts’ is drastically different from ‘Only One’ though. The song is straight bars as Ye destroys his slight remix version of ‘Jumpman’ (I say slight version because it’s not really ‘Jumpman’, but he references it a lot and uses the same flow). This is possibly Kanye’s most socially relevant song, as he not only references Bill Cosby, but also Steve Harvey.

Listen to this hot track on SoundCloud.

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