Kanye West feat. Sampha Opens Up With “Saint Pablo”

Kanye West - Saint Pablo ft Sampha
Kanye West - Saint Pablo ft Sampha

It’s only been about a month and a half since The Life of Pablo dropped and we already have new music from Kanye West. “Saint Pablo” was leaked earlier today and whether this was Kanye’s doing remains unknown. The song was first premiered on February 23rd at Yo Gotti‘s listening party for his new album. Internet leaks from the party initially named the song “Closest Thing To Einstein” which is a line that appears in the first verse. The next day, Kanye commented on the song via Twitter.

As expected, Ye spends the good part of six and a half minutes talking about his personal debt and his Twitter controversies. The British singer/songwriter Sampha is credited with providing the extremely emotional hook.

Yeah, you’re looking in the church in the night sky,
Wondering whether God’s gonna say “Hi.

Sampha is known in the mainstream circles for appearing on Drake’s album Nothing Was The Same in 2013. The familiar sample that can be heard at the 0:23 mark is from Yvonne Fair‘s 1975 song “Let Your Hair Down.” The sample was made famous in 1997 after Jay-Z used it on his essential track “Where I’m From.” Additional commentary about the song’s production details were made by Mike Dean, who said him and Kanye produced the song on a KanyeToThe.com forum.


According to various reports, an updated version of The Life of Pablo will be available on all streaming services on Friday. Will the aptly titled “Saint Pablo” make an appearance? We may find out tomorrow. Then again, if the rollout of the first version was any indication, we have no fucking clue what to expect. Stream “Saint Pablo” on Soundcloud below:

Update – It seems like Kanye has taken the track down for the time being. Listen to the track here before the FEDs take it down.

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