Listen: Kanye West – Real Friends & No More Parties In LA

Kanye West - Real Friends
Kanye West - Real Friends

Are G.O.O.D. Fridays back? Kim seems to think so, which is a good thing seeing as she has told us the release to the last couple Kanye songs, the last of which was ‘Facts’ that came out on December 31.

‘Real Friends & No More Parties’ is exactly what Kanye fans have been waiting for. It is the perfect mix of MBDTF and 808’s. It’s more laid back and relaxed than his more recent releases, and is similar to his older style of rap. Kanye talks about some of the struggles that come from being famous including fake friends, no time with family and an aggressive media. The outro to the track features part of a Kendrick verse that we will hopefully hear more of when SWISH comes out. It makes sense that Kendrick is featured on the track because the beat feels very west-coast with the way the drums and the bass work together to make the beat flow. According to Kanye, the beat was produced by Madlib and himself.

Real Friends