Listen: Kid Cudi – “Judgemental Cunt” & “Wedding Tux”

Photo Via Josepvinaixa

Presenting the Holden Caulfield of rap, Kid Cudi has released two new songs on Soundcloud titled “Judgemental Cunt” and “Wedding Tux.” Unless you are familiar with his experimental rock kick lately, they probably don’t sound the way you would expect. Besides being injected with extra doses of melatonin and faux emo pills whenever you listen to one of his albums, when has Cudder ever been predictable?

“Judgemental Cunt” is reminiscent of a an emo-punk-rock track from the 90’s or early 2000’s. The track opens with Cudi saying, “This is for all your suffering / Judgemental cunt /Select your potion.” You hear Cudi crooning out “stayyy tuuuuuned” throughout the track, and is talking to a “punk-loser kid” which is actually Cudi himself, addressing how his doubters and haters looked at him.

“Wedding Tux” is filled with just as much dramatic angst as “Judgemental Cunt,” sounding like a softer indie rock track with darker lyrics. This song conveys Cudi’s feelings about a past relationship and how he feels left out to die, or as he puts it, “Been tossed aside like rotting meat / While the maggots and vultures feast.” Cudi is tired of the idea of getting married and finding this type of true love, as once we are born we are married to only one thing; Death.

“Bury me to sleep in a wedding tux / Everything, everyone sucks”

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