Listen: Kim – ALPHA (Prod. Jove Beats & Tommy Limit)

You may know Kim from his feature on the song “Chirpin” which was showcased on TrueToo a couple of days ago, but in case you don’t, Kim is an up-and-coming rapper from Miami, Florida. With one mixtape under the belt already (The Polymath), Kim has released the first single for his next project. The single is titled “ALPHA” and has a team of producers on it including Jove Beats & Tommy Limit.

I’m killing one nigga, two nigga, three now four/And I’m gonna sing on this bitch till they bring me more.

The dirty guitar riff that plays throughout the song stands out in a significant manner and is reminiscent of classic N.E.R.D. type rock/rap. On “ALPHA,” Kim’s ability to go from singing his hook to just absolutely devouring his verse is refreshing to hear. Somebody get this guy a ham sandwich because this dude is HUNGRY. If his mechanical prowess was ever in question before, the answer is here: Kim is the alpha.