Listen: Kyle – SMYLE

Photo Via SuperDuperKyle

It’s here! The happy rapper, Kyle, has happily dropped his newest album, SMYLE. Until now, Kyle has only teased us with three singles off the album: “Really? Yeah!,” “Endless Summer Symphony,” and “Remember Me?,” all of which brought a varying range of emotions to the table.

On this album, Kyle really takes the opportunity to show how much he’s matured since his last release, Beautiful Loser (2013). While Kyle is known as the happy rapper, he reveals his somber side often throughout this album. Songs like “Remember Me?” and “Feels Good” all show Kyle going in on a slower and more thought-provoking direction. Now, that being said, this album is not all about celebrating national sad boy day. Songs like “Summertime Soul” and “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” show classic Kyle with his happy, over-the-top, give-this-kid-an-adderall attitude.

Stream his album on Spotify, or purchase it on iTunes.

Watch his video for the song “Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” below: