The state of hip hop almost seems like it’s entered a new era. The influence that Drake and Future hold is getting ridiculous, still, there are artists that can take the sound we’re hearing so much and still make it interesting. KP CANNONS is no exception. His new track “LEVEL” is branded with a bold, yet playful “fuck A$AP Ferg” in the Soundcloud description, and with the token “I’m on another level” hook being repeated, it almost seems like a nod to the A$AP member.

Cannons hails from Virginia but holds the Toronto sound and Atlanta voice and poise in his arsenal. It’s not a daring song, it almost seems like a free trial of his work. In an age where Kanye West is adding updates to his album reminiscent of firmware updates for your phone, Cannons is handing you the 30-day AOL trial of his music. If you fuck with the demo, stick around, because you’ll probably be fucking with the rest.

Cannons has been busy making music this year, all of his newer tracks coming after the big release of “Flight to Paris.” Take a listen to “LEVEL” below and let us know what you think in the comments section. Be sure to check out Cannon’s Soundcloud for more of the Virginia rapper’s portfolio.