Listen: MARTY M0NDAYS – Going Hamilton

Rather than follow the path of those who had come before him, MartyM0ndays opted to make his own lane as the creator of the NEWW0RLD movement. The movement originated in Chicago, and is a new wave of completely experimental music which Martym0ndays describes as “p0rn0 music”. This “p0rn0 music” is a blend of punk music and rap music, mixing the aesthetics of punk with the delivery of an emcee.  Young genre auteur he is, Martym0ndays released a new song this week called “Going Hamilton” which is a perfect representation of what “p0rn0 music” is.

Less slinky funks guitars and moaning women then you would expect, the beat to the song contains hard hitting, boom bap drums with a staccato style piano played over top of it, making this the perfect hype song. Martym0ndays comes in with the contagious hook, singing “Pockets going ham/pockets going Hamilton.” Marty’s smooth flow seems to just slide off his tongue as he rides the beat to another entry in the ever growing NEWWoRLD catalog.

Listen to the song below and follow Marty on his Twitter here: