Listen – Midas.Gold – 000000

Midas.Gold - 000000
Midas.Gold - 000000

To the outside world, Australia and rap haven’t really been thrown into the same sentence without ANY sort of negative connotation anchoring the whole conversation. Iggy Azalea, at one point, was literally the only thing that came into people’s mind when it came to rap from a land where toilets flush counter-clockwise (supposedly).

It seems like Midas.Gold doesn’t give a single fuck about any of that. His latest single “000000” is sitting at 34.2K listens on Soundcloud as of now, with a fantastic beat by ATHD. The sample sounds like it’s drowning in an irradiated sea of lean. It doesn’t help that the lifesaver the lifeguard is bringing is made out of straight jolly rancher.
Midas.Gold’s flow only makes the track stronger, he’s rapping as if he has a shotgun to his head, he’s rapping for his goddamn life. The length of the track is just under 4 minutes but it almost seems like it never ends, even when the beat changes for the last few seconds, he still has to get in a couple last bars.

Gold doesn’t give a shit about the politics, and this track makes it obvious. From the beginning it’s clear as hell. He’s not a rapper trying to prove that Australian rappers actually CAN be good, he’s just wondering where the hell his money’s at.

Stream the single on Soundcloud below or check out the awesome visual created by the talented Jacob Pedersen @ Alter Ego Visuals.