Listen: m^tch – H O U R G L A S S H E A R T S

With the birth of Soundcloud came the safe haven of Future Bass music. It’s where the bedroom producer who is inspired by the xylophones of their childhood and the 808s of a Chief Keef song can truly show their work off. It’s also where we can hear the music of m^tch and see it shine.
With an oriental touch, M^tch’s new track: “H O U R G L A S S H E A R T S” has a polished quality about him. It has the R&S Records/James Blake Ableton made feel all over. The second half of the track also features great vocals run through a formant pitch.
The 26-year-old Glasgow-based artist is set to release his first EP H O U R G L A S S H E A R T S later this year, along with playing his first shows.

Take a listen to the dreamy joint below and let us know what you think in the comments section.