Listen: Nave Cosby Kids ft Alyea Pierce

There are certain things that you never want to associate yourself with; circus performers, people wearing Chris Bosh jerseys and men being recently accused of date rape by a plethora of women would all fall into that category. That’s why it’s so surprising to hear Philadelphia up and comer Nave title his latest single “Cosby Kids”.

The beat itself is a spacey blend of synths and snappy snares; Nave displays a remarkable willingness to experiment with different rhyme schemes and deliveries. The guest spot on the record goes to poet Alyea Pierce in what ultimately feels a lot like an uninspired attempt at a Kendrick style spoken word interlude – which is a problem that plagues the whole single. The first verse is straight from the early Mac Miller playbook; get a beat way out of your league, spit sub par rhymes about childhood nostalgia peppered with all the right 90’s references.

Too much of the entire experience of listening to “Cosby Kids” is having the experience of having heard it before. Nothing from it is new, nothing is original, and all of the content fits like your favorite pair of jeans. Nave shows that he understands the elements of what makes good modern hip hop and his ear for beats shows strong potential already.

But dude, regardless of whether the song was made before the real-life Cosby controversy, it’s also downright creepy now to hear Nave sing “Oh these women like me” having heard a near damning amount of testimonies.

In a perfect world, this song should have been shelved and Nave should have continued to improve as an artist rather than have this dead weight attached to him going forward – alas, we know that this is not our promised utopia because the Bucks still haven’t won an NBA title in forty years and I’m still not 6’5 and also because Nave put out this milquetoast single.

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