Listen: NEW Jay Electronica Holladay

Jay Electronica via 2dopeboyz
Jay Electronica via 2dopeboyz

Only God and Jay-Z knows when Jay Electronica’s debut album Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) will drop. Apparently its been complete for years and even been collecting dust on Just Blaze’s phone.

That was 2 years ago and if that didn’t make you feel like a warm marshmallow than check this one out.

Just Blaze is one of Jay Elec’s most trusted producers. Recently Blaze sat down with Vlad TV and gave some insight on the unreleased album.

I don’t have any updates since the last update I gave, which was I have a pretty, nearly-finished version of it in my phone,” — “I don’t know what he’s gonna do with it. He’s chillin’ out in London. He’s doing well. Jay’s life philosophy is ‘My train is running on schedule.’ That’s how he lives his life.

– Just Blaze Told Vlad TV.

I’m sure most of the rap world has given up on what could be the most anticipated debut album ever. Even though we might of lost hope, Jay Electronica is still in the lab doing work. Check out the loosie single “Holladay” below. In the midst of the confusion with the album one thing is for certain, Jay Electronica is damn good. Although the song is a “ruff” version, it leaves us yearning for more.

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