Listen: Nick De La Hoyde – By My Side

Nick De La Hoyde is a 20-year-old singer/rapper/songwriter from my hometown Sydney, Australia. He moved to Barcelona, Spain at the tender age of 15 to pursue a professional football career. It didn’t go exactly as planned and he turned to hip hop as an outlet to vent his emotions. It looks like he’s found that his true calling isn’t football but music. With the help of his musician brother Joseph De La Hoyde he began writing original songs.

Nick’s sound is somewhere between hip hop, pop, R&B, soul, and straight corny boy band. His latest single “By My Side” exemplifies all of these traits, emphasis on corny. With melodic pianos, soaring vocals and a lively band feel, this track is definitely something that would play on the radio, and not necessarily in a good way. The sound might be familiar because he sound is just a mishmash of stolen elements from successful pop stars like Justin Bieber, One Direction, and 5 SOS. He fuses a pathetic excuse of an attempt at rapping with a mainstream radio friendly pop sound to create this blatant attempt to land a hit with a wider audience.

One of our head writers puts it perfectly: “I wouldn’t listen to this but my mom would love it.” Whether on not I would listen to it again, there are an abundant number of pre-teen girls and radio loving women that would froth over this track. The official video of “By My Side” has over 50,000 views, 2826 likes and only 29 unlikes on YouTube. With a quick hover over the comments section you will find mostly positive reviews saying things like “Your Amazing” and “Your music inspires me”. Yup, you guessed it, most of them are from pre-pubescent girls and some corny music loving guys.

Nick has quite a strong following for an up-and-comer. He has been building momentum in the music industry, playing shows and supporting alternative rock band Monks of Mellonwah at Sydney’s Oxford Arts Factory. In the modern age success goes hand-in-hand with a strong online presence; Nick is fully aware of this and the numbers speak for themselves. His Instagram has over 100k followers. Whether you like it or not, you’re going to see more of Nick De La Hoyde in the future. Check out the official video of “By My Side” above or stream it on Soundcloud below.

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