Listen: Noname Gypsy Feat. Saba – Open Apology

Open Apology - Noname Gypsy Via Fake Shore Drive
Open Apology - Noname Gypsy Via Fake Shore Drive

For the first time in over a year the one and only Noname Gypsy has dropped a new song. While we have not gotten a new solo song from Noname this past year, she has contributed some fire features (See “Israel (Sparring)” and “Warm Enough“).

This track is as smooth as a babies bottom. The elegant bassline, combined with Noname’s monotone voice makes it feel like a slam poetry session. Saba’s feature is the complete opposite of his feature on “Angels“. This time around he is far more somber, as the track addresses some of the negative stereotypes that come out of Chicago.

Ode’ to Chicago, fuck a Chiraq.

Now that we know Noname has been working on music, will #Telefone be coming soon? She said earlier that this song will not be on the mixtape, but that it is, as the name suggests, an open apology. Who is she apologizing to? While this song raises tons of questions, it answers the only one that is important: Can Noname keep dropping dope music? The answer is yes.

Listen to the song below: