Have “One Day” in the sun with SiDizen King

We all have dreams and goals. Places we see ourselves in life within the next five years. Not everyone will always be there to support you, though, and you can’t let that be discouraging. Often times the only person you need to believe in you is – you. On “One Day,” SiDizen King realizes those possibilities and sets out to make his dreams come true. King has been busy making music for the last year and recently got serious in pushing his career to the next level. This drove him to move to LA which is how “One Day” was born. King had some nice words about the track via e-mail:

It’s about keeping hope in the face of adversity and not losing faith in your dreams.

Produced by Confessions, “One Day” encapsulates the vibe of summer with its breezy house-hop sound and beat. This track drops around the right time with graduation and many young people about to step off into a whole new world chasing after a new life. There is something fresh about King’s take on following your dreams compared to other rappers’ efforts in the past. King comes in hot on the beat, spitting rapid fire bars before slowing it down and giving us a soothing and uplifting break with the hook. This is an impressive effort from the young artist, as “One Day” is something that could be played on the radio right now. Not just for it’s catchy-ness and poppy aspect, but King can really rhyme. He has a commanding voice and tone that matches up perfectly with the instrumental.

You can listen to “One Day” below, and the track is also available for download on iTunes. Let us know how you feel about the track in the comments section. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for SiDizen King throughout the year, as it’s not likely that anything will get in his way of making it.