Listen: Pickin’ Liquor – LBO feat. Sophia Schoenau

LBO - Pickin' Liquor
LBO - Pickin' Liquor

LBO is an Egyptian-American artist from Long Island, New York who currently has been posted up in New Orleans where he diligently works on his music. LBO has been involved with music since he was a young kid and at the age of 21 he has now mastered a captivating style of hip-hop. Using a soulful singing voice and a flow that can hold its own with some of rap’s best, LBO showcases these polished skills on his new track “Pickin’ Liquor” featuring Sophia Schoenau.

Produced by 88-Keys, “Pickin’ Liquor” is set to be apart of LBO’s upcoming untitled EP. If this track is any indication, LBO will be dropping some heat throughout the year. Sophia and LBO’s voices match up great on the track-creating a nice contrast between her high pitch and the raspy-ness of LBO. The beat is easy to vibe to and is infused with a lot of groove elements from the drum kits used to the subtle keys layered throughout. The song can be described as enjoying your night and yourself. Sippin’ on one thing at first, then a new drink the next, LBO and his crew illustrate a wonderful night moving along. LBO has a voice you can get behind and believe in as he takes over the beat from the get go and goes on to kill the chorus.

“Come up in the building lookin’ so dope / Not answering shit / Homie the phones broke”

LBO has what it takes to make a name for himself in the fast-changing rap game that has new faces popping in and out everyday. Make sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming EP as it might be what helps him burst onto the scene in a big way. Take a listen to “Pickin’ Liquor” below and let us know what you think in the comments.