Listen: REAL FRIENDS Freestyle – Lil Spacely

Lil Spacely - Real Friends Freestyle
Lil Spacely - Real Friends Freestyle

Remember the name. Lil Spacely is a Sydney rapper you will be hearing a lot more from soon enough. His last few months have been spent tirelessly working in the studio preparing for his upcoming project #16LockSt, but yesterday he took a break from the mixtape to surprise fans with a freestyle/remix to Kanye West’s Real Friends.

Space taps into his inner K Dot on the track to vent about his insecurities and reflect on his present struggles. The track opens up with the lines

My brother lost his kid not too long ago / Can you believe I missed the funeral? / Too busy chasing dreams and planning videos / this time I couldn’t say I was busy in the studio.

Lil Spacely continues to explore issues including unfaithful women, backstabbing homies and getting locked up. It’s fitting that the track ends with a looped sample of someone singing “I just want you to remember me, remember me..” I doubt anyone will be forgetting Spacely any time soon.

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