SAVEMONEY’s Man off Camera – Sterling Hayes’ “antidepressant”

Sterling Hayes - antidepressant via soundcloud
Sterling Hayes - antidepressant via soundcloud

It was just last year that Vic Mensa rapped “I pop a Xan on my way to France” on one of the songs that introduced him to more casual rap fans. Things have changed a lot since then and it was a tweet from him earlier today that got me onto his timeline, eventually leading to something way bigger.

Sterling Hayes is one of the lesser known members of SAVEMONEY but it’s understandably hard to compete for the spotlight when the crew’s got guys like Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa. It’s a shame that more people haven’t taken the time to check out Hayes’ latest project, antidepressant.

The album explicitly deals with the mental health of Hayes and is at times uncomfortably real, with Hayes delivering lines like “I once tried to kill myself/my girl tried to kill herself” on the undeniably dark “Burden.” The track isn’t alone in its themes; a song called “I Ain’t Shit” is maybe the most radio-friendly cut on the album.

Relatively bare of features, antidepressant only grants guest spots to Joey Purp, Teddy Jackson on the intro, and Knox Fortune, recently introduced to a national audience with a feature on Coloring Book.

The auteur of Coloring Book and unspoken leader of SAVEMONEY gets his shout out too when Hayes raps “Begging Chance for a feature, like he hoggin’ all the fame,” acknowledging the dark thoughts that creep in when seeing a close friend’s success. It’s not until the last track that the mood lifts a bit for “Whatever I Want” and we’re treated to ad-libs like “higher than giraffe pussy” before a lo-fi yelling jam.

While there’s not really a typical SAVEMONEY project or sound, antidepressant takes the raw, emotional themes that are present in all of the Chicago artist’s works and brings it to the forefront. If you’re looking for something to listen to this week that is probably the most honest project you’ve heard this year, you could do worse than  antidepressant.

You can stream the project below and make sure you stay tuned to True Too for all things hip hop.

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