Listen: Stööki Sound – Stage Dive

Listen: Stööki Sound - Stage Dive
Listen: Stööki Sound - Stage Dive

Meet Stööki Sound, a London based production duo made up of Jelacee and DJ Lukey. This team combines the best of hip-hop and trap by adding their own spin of UK house to create a unique sound. Their newest track, “Stage Dive,” featuring the lyrical talent of Marky D, epitomizes just that. They debuted the track in San Diego at LED’s OMFG! New Year’s Eve party, alongside the likes of Flosstradamus and others.

“Stage Dive” opens with some eerie sounds reminiscent of those found in the video game Halo that slowly dissolves and explodes in to a hard trap beat. This is definitely something you would want be bumping at the club, and as said in the song, “this that type of shit / make you stage dive.” With such a high energy laced throughout the track it’s hard not to feel amped. These dudes want to make you move.

“Everybody jump cause that bass high”

Stööki Sound is currently on tour and will be entering North American midway through January if you want to check them out live. If you liked “Stage Dive” their Soundcloud is filled with hard hitting remixes and originals that are definitely worth the listen. Let us know what you think in the comments.