LISTEN: Talib Kweli’s Fuck The Money

Rap Veteran, Talib Kweli, recently dropped a free album (for free?!) titled Fuck The Money on what seems to be a new website for promotional purposes. Talib Kweli’s new site, titled KweliClub, features tons of depth. This breathes Talib Kweli. From books of black history, to color-rich art prints, and conscientious albums. The vast amount of merchandise yearns for deeper levels of understanding from its consumers, should you choose to be one.

Let’s get down to the bones of what brought us here. How is Fuck The Money? As heavy-handed as the digital album name, Fuck The Money starts off with a self-titled song where the chorus slowly gets chipmunk sampled to reiterate the ham-fisted message. The low and dirty beat matches the song’s feature, Cassper Nyovest, creating an interesting duet to listen to within the first verse. Kweli finishes the song off well by doubling down and dropping bars in ways he typically wouldn’t, showing off his mechanics and prowess as a rapper. When it comes to lyrical content, his message is pretty clear (really though, fuck the money) as to what he wants to convey, which may stave some listeners off. As his artistry has developed to the times of the United States of America, you can compare this to other rap artists in the game like Cyhi Da Prince, Kendrick Lamar, and Killer Mike’s recent works; these rappers are writing about their lives as well as the lives of many, with the revival and awareness of racial inequality and social oppression.

After listening to half of the album, despite a couple songs that delivered headshakes and “naaahs” it got me thinking, “fuck the system.” This feeling of “wake up you sheeple” dawned on me as I watched people in the corporate coffee shop I was in; they sipped on their sugary drinks, feeding the machine as I slowly realized what ironic position this all put me in. (I’m different because I’m drinking black coffee and I’m better so fuck them.)

Even if they convey the same message, do you think Kweli conveys it better through this digital album? Download it here, listen to the single below on Spotify and let us know!