Browse “The Internet” With MastodonRare

The best moments in hip-hop are the hidden gems, those tracks that pop up out of nowhere. Little diamonds in the rough. Thanks to the internet, finding new tracks and artists has never been easier, especially from artists we probably wouldn’t have had a chance to hear otherwise. Take for instance MastodonRare, an independent artist from Arizona. His new single, “The Internet,” plays on the role the World Wide Web has on hip-hop culture.

A forewarning: The beat is absolutely sick. Produced by HUNTS, the track comes in with some quiet static, and proceeds to combine a little bit of everything. “The Internet” sounds like a wild fusion of EDM, hip-hop and jazz. It’s the subtle touches added to the production that really make this track stand out. Every detail of the beat is methodical. From the nicely placed POPS to the soda tabs being ripped open, you can’t help but nod your head along as the production sounds as if it were finessed by a seasoned veteran. Mastodon brings a fast flow to the table as well, hitting us with a plethora of witty punchlines along the way.

My favorite rapper told me all I got is one shot / I’m shifty with the shit till it clicks / Like the gun cock / If I be jackin’ off a napalm with a palm / Then who are you to say I ain’t come hot

“The Internet” is a track that needs to be put in your rotation ASAP, and MastodonRare is a young artist to be keeping an eye out for. Let us know what you think of the track in the comments section.

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