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Latrell James - Twelve. Artwork via Nadia Westcott
Latrell James - Twelve. Artwork via Nadia Westcott


Twelve tracks long, twelve specific moments from a twelve year period in his life. Twelve seems to be the magic number for Boston rapper/prouder Latrell James and happens to be the title of his latest project. The twelve tracks is synonymous to the twelve months of the year and his twelve year music journey – from age 12 to 24, its only fitting that the twelfth and final song (“Candles“) of the project is a celebration of James’ 24th Birthday (December).

Twelve is completely family business. The production is handled by Latrell and his brother Tedd Boyd (collectively known as the 5 Star Generals) and the only other feature is from his sister Tori Tori.

To elevate Twelve’s listening experience James employed local artist Nadia Westcott to design the album artwork. There are twelve different hieroglyphics to represent each song for example “Candles” shows a birthday cake with twelve candles and “Distance” follows three roads that lead to a black sun.

Twelve is a representation of my life and the changes that occurred to me from age 12 to 24 in Boston, MA. This project is my journey from adolescence to adulthood and the main theme throughout is growth. To me, if something is not growing then it is dead. So ultimately, I hope this piece will inspire people and help them through whatever struggles they are experiencing. – Latrell James

Twelve is now available for full, free streaming and download. Stay updated with James by following him on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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