Listen: Tyler, The Creator – Fuck It

Tyler, The Creator - Fuck It
Tyler, The Creator - Fuck It

Coming off his best work to date with his album Cherry Bomb, Tyler, The Creator has surprised us with a new song through a series of tweets. Unable to think of a name, he decided to title the track “Fuck It,” which only seems more appropriate after listening.

I got a mothafuckin’ vision I don’t see a plan / So shut your mothafuckin’ mouth when I be speakin’ man / Cause T the only sober nigga that be tweakin’ fam.

There is a certain method and madness to Tyler’s genius and you see it in full effect here. This is a rare gift from Tyler, especially since he has been busy touring. Tyler’s voice sounds slightly pitched down and warped on the track as he raps about everything happening in his life. He addresses backlash sent his way, his friends, his last album, conformity, and of course Golf Wang. Appropriately titled, Tyler’s saying fuck it and decides to roll with the punches.

Golf did a quarter million in about two hours / Money, money ain’t the motive but is up for discussion / Niggas frontin’ / Niggas wish they could fuck with my production / Nigga.

Tyler isn’t one to hide his opinions, and he sure doesn’t on this track. He’s doing this for him and makes it known that he couldn’t care less about the way he chooses to pursue his vision. Listen to “Fuck It” below, and let us know what you think.

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