Vision the Kid – Fly by Night Review

Vision the Kid, upcoming rapper from Minnesota, recently released a new 7-track project titled Fly by Night. This is the first taste we’ve gotten of Vision’s work, and pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. The backbone of FBN consists of various samples ranging from Queen to Imogen Heap,  filling the tracks with diversities of sounds and styles and appropriating  popular hits from years past into fresh beats for today’s rap songs. Fly by Night is filled with radio quality songs and over the course of the project I came to the conclusion that his flow and tone is similar to Macklemore‘s, but better. You could even add a little bit of Common to that equation as well.

The opening track “Fly By Night Moves” was the initial indication that this would be a project worth listening. The track has a very smooth hook and a beat that makes the moment you’re in seem more serene. The following track, “The Show Must Go On” follows suit with a head nodding beat and uses that Queen sample mentioned earlier.

My favorite track on the project is “Death to Dreams” where Vision flips a City and Colour sample to meld indie rock and hip hop, creating a unique twist on cloud rap. This is a very up tempo track where Vision shows off his ability of rapping at faster cadences before breaking it down slow for us.

I’ve seen, I’ve seen it / I swear to Jesus I’m dreamin’ / They gon believe it / even if I try to fuckin’ force feed em’

Taking other songs and reworking them into your own is no easy task, but Vision tried exactly that and pulled it off. As far as pop rap goes, this is a hidden gem; Vision combines many different genres into this project but does it in a way that doesn’t sound too cluttered or cliche. Even on “The Ballad of Joe Wallace,” another highlight, Vision is able to put a hip hop spin on an alternative rock love song, showing versatility throughout the project with his flow, lyrics, and creative mind. I’ll be interested to see a new project from Vision in the future with less samples and a more original take, but that doesn’t diminish this project by any means.

Overall “Fly By Night” was very enjoyable to listen to and will be worth going back to. Vision the Kid is adding something good to the, as of late, booming Midwest hip hop scene. Make sure to take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments.