Listen: “Vol Pour Paris” by KP Cannon$

Straight from the DMV comes KP Cannon$, a 19 year old rapper who is quietly gaining traction. With production from Moshuun, Cannons’ new track “Vol Pour Paris,” which translates into Flight to Paris, is an ode to that lavish lifestyle we all wish we could live; one that Cannons hopes to obtain one day in his career.

Hop up out that Porsche them doors flew up like hallelujah

This banger is the first single off of Cannons’ upcoming project The Funeral. Laced with a nice touch of autotune, “Vol Por Paris” sounds like a track from none other than the “Dirty Sprite” man himself, Future. Cannons’ flow leads nicely into the catchy hook, ultimately creating a smooth transition into the autotune. The final verse really showcases Cannons’ rapping ability as he lets loose on the beat with a flurry of rhymes that close the track with a bang. Take a listen below:

One thing’s for sure, KP Cannons is a young one out there doing his thing so don’t be surprised if you hear his name again. If you liked “Vol Pour Paris” make sure to keep an eye out for Cannons’ project The Funeral dropping sometime this year. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and stay True Too.