Listen: Macklemore – White Privilege II

Macklemore - White Privilege II
Macklemore - White Privilege II

Macklemore recently dropped the second single off his upcoming album The Unruly Mess I’ve Made. Following his Grammy winning album The Heist from 2012 that featured singles such as “Same Love,” Macklemore has again dropped a song focusing on social issues with “White Privilege II.”

“White Privilege II” is a 9-minute song centered on a range of issues relating to the idea of white privilege. From the Black Lives Matter movement to white people exploiting black music and culture for their personal benefit, Macklemore describes it often as “watered down pop-bullshit version of the culture.” He comes to the self realization that he has also essentially succeeded due to his race and responds by suggesting it’s his responsibility to speak up on the matter, especially after J. Cole called him out on “Fire Squad.”

Hip-hop has always been political, yes

It’s the reason why this music connects

The song opens with a very jazzy intro, explicitly incorporating another form of black music into this hip-hop song and features Jamila Woods on the outro, the singer on Chance the Rapper’s catchy hit “Sunday Candy” and The Social Experiment’s “Questions.” The song speaks for equality, and is almost reminiscent of Eminem’s “White America” which criticises the fact that only his version of rap had reached white audiences.

Overall, the song has split opinions among different audiences, however it is clearly important that Macklemore has again attempted to promote an important social cause such as the Black Lives Matter movement, and has spoken up on the issue of white people stealing aspects of black culture all while not supporting everything that comes with it.

You speak about equality, but do you really mean it?

Are you marching for freedom, or when it’s convinient?

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