Listen: X & Hype Da Mutantz

X & Hype Da Mutantz via Major Look Boston
X & Hype Da Mutantz via Major Look Boston

Throwback retro Western-Sydney Hip Hop duo X & Hype just dropped their highly anticipated mixtape, Da Mutantz. The duo spills with an aura of retro. From the way they dress, speak, and especially sound, X & Hype practically fiend off of nostalgia, scraping and clawing for anything that would remind you of the past.
The tape has been in the lab for a long time, 4 whole years in fact. In 2011 teenage X & Hype sought out to create “timeless music,” much like the classic 90’s artists that inspired them like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. They wanted their music to live on 20 years after just like the way they are still bumping 90’s music. Four years later, and the tape is finally done.

Da Mutantz is fun, it has a classic feel combined with fresh rhymes and whacky flows. Beat maker 26th Letter produced the whole tape using classic samples from A Tribe Called Quest, Lord Finesse, Apache and Souls of Mischief, among others. Although 26th Letter uses heavy samples, the taking does not distract from the creating. These retro inspired beats cause major neck pains from the violent head nods it demands; coupled with Charles X showing off his versatility, it’s evident that the dynamic instrumentals match the ever-changing flows. My personal favorite is the whacky flow on “Loungin“. You just can’t help but enjoy it.

The day before X & Hype dropped the highly anticipated Da Mutantz, they shared some insight on Facebook.

So Da Mutantz is dropping tomorrow & you’ve probably heard us talking about it for a few years now. We actually made a majority of this tape when I was 17-18 as an experiment to see if I could make timeless music, just like all the 90s classic albums that we looked up to & bump regularly. These days attention spans are short & trends are even shorter. So I held on to it to see if even if I progressed musically & got influenced by different artists (which I did & have) I’d still have a timeless piece. Now it’s 4 years since the beginning of it all & were hella hyped to finally share this as a whole project.
P.s No more holding on to music this long again

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Download the mixtape on Bandcamp here and stream it below.

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