LISTEN : Young Sizzle (Southside) – Championship

Southside Championship

Listen to Producer Southside’s New Rap Song, Championship

Southside has been making waves recently, being behind almost the entirety of Future’s mixtape 56 Nights and Waka Flocka Flame’s Flockaveli 1.5. His credentials go much deeper than that, but these are some of his most recent achievements.  Being one of the figure-heads for 808 Mafia, Southside has already had a lot on his plate. Because not only is he producing, he’s also rapping.

Southside’s rap career nearly has unknown recognition up until this point, but he’s been doing rapping since 2014 when he dropped his first mixtape called Free Agent. Since then he’s dropped another 2 of them, with his most recent one gathering the most attention. This one probably got the most attention since he’s been producing some of the biggest hits today. To separate his rap self from his producer self, he goes under the rap name Young Sizzle.

This self-produced song shows Sizzle what he’s thankful for and just what he’s happy about. He says in the chorus that:

I just won the Championship

and that:

Swear we switching lanes while these niggas stuck in park

showing off the fact that his team will always be changing for the new big thing so they can keep winning. And while they’re doing this, they wait to see when everyone else will try and catch up. After the year Southside had in 2015, it can only be up from here. With the strong team that is 808 Mafia, where co-members like Metro Boomin’ had produced nearly the entirety of Drake and Future’s collab mixtape What A Time To Be Alive, and Purps had produced nearly all of Curren$y’s Canal Street Confidential, it’s hard to see the team disappearing anytime soon.

Listen below:

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