Logic and Pusha T Will Fuck your Speakers with “Wrist”

Holy christ will “Wrist” by Logic and Pusha T destroy your speakers. Before I had a heads-up on this track I was sipping my coffee to some Max Richter and Erik Satie piano bullshit with my HyperX Cloud Headphones (Editor’s Note: HyperX, we at TrueToo are always on the move, and we’re also gamers. Sponsor us!!). A staffer told me to listen to this and JESUS my ears were unprepared.

The track introduces itself with a haunting and ominous instrumental. The production maintains this awesome effort showcasing layers of keys, bass, and samples that are reminiscent of Logic’s past efforts like “Under Pressure.” Logic opens and gets listeners familiar with a hook that dents minds about the song’s main theme of the day: WRISTS. WRISTS. WRISTS. Man, Logic and Pusha T love wrists. So much so that the lines that Logic and Pusha T spit are absolutely forgettable. But “Wrist” isn’t about the lyrics. This is a summer track to show off a car’s bass potential. This is a single meant to ruin other people’s conversations outside your local coffee shop. This single is meant to realign your rear view mirror and shake your baby’s crib without having to spend time with it.

Why spend time with your child, anyways? You’re much better off putting a PA system in the room with “Wrist” on repeat than giving your child any attention. That way, your generation Z child can grow up well prepared for the teenage adventure they’ll embark, chalk full of parental issues and calling celebrities and other role models they look up to on digital media “Dad” or “Mom,” or whatever weird fucking thing those kids do. Whatever the case, feel free to fuck your own and everyone else’s eardrums with this wonderful summertime jam.

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