Lollapalooza 2016 Day One Highlights

If you follow our Snapchat account, then yesterday you saw a bit of Lollapalooza through True Too’s eyes. Thursday was day one of the festival, spanning over four days in honor of it being Lolla’s 25th anniversary.

jazz 1

Jazz Cartier

Even with the construction and unholy traffic, we still made it on time for a full day of action. We ran into the festival, and our first destination was the Pepsi Stage. As we got closer, the speakers began banging louder as Jazz Cartier was putting on a performance with prime energy. As one of the first performers of the day, Cartier stood out as one of the best from start to finish. The crowd loved him and Cartier fed off that energy.

Danny Brown

Danny Brown carried that same energy, coming off Melanie Martinez’s heated performance a stage across from him. He skipped along the stage with a red cup in hand as his opening song was promptly dropped. It seemed liked one of those classic movie party scenes at this point – Our-festival-goer-seismometer measured twerking at an all time high. A man was also hoisted on his friend’s shoulders with a sign that read “RIP Harambe,” having the crowd erupt in another hilarious moment. He promptly began hitting the dab right on cue.

Save Money Crew

I hurried over to catch the last few songs of Towkio’s set and watched what might have been the biggest moment of Day One. After performing his smash hit “Heaven Only Knows,” Towkio began speaking about Chi-Town and how he had his gang with him… etc. You see where this is going? He exploded into a performance of “Gang with Me” as his gang and Save Money family ran on stage with him, including the likes of Joey Purp. The fun didn’t stop there. Out of nowhere, Vic Mensa ran out rocking a sick leather jacket as the crowd began an endless moshing. It was a jaw-dropping moment.

vic 1


Then there was G-Eazy’s epic performance. He took his moment to talk about how thankful he was to be at Lolla. From the audience, it was quite a scene to take in and you got the sense that G was having his “mama I made it” moment. With performances of classics like “Tumblr Girls” and his current hit “Me, Myself, and I,” brand-new and day-one fans were pleasantly satisfied. G even ran out into the middle of the crowd (with dividers protecting him) further embracing the moment. Let’s not forget to mention his performance of “Fuck Donald Trump” as G strummed on the heart strings of young America’s voters. You can check out our interview with G-Eazy here.

J. Cole

It was none other than J. Cole finishing the night. The anticipation for this moment was insane. There was a massive crowd surrounding the stage. For this, I sat off to the side on a grass hill, as I wanted to fully take in the moment and witness one of the best rappers in the game put on a legendary performance. Cole was donning a classic Jordan Bulls jersey, (except it was curiously his #45 jersey). He played songs like “Wet Dreamz,” “No Role Models,” “Lights Please, “G.O.M.D.,” and “Nobody’s Perfect.” Cole was putting heavy emotion into his set, taking full advantage of being a Lolla headliner. At times he would bring a stool up to center stage to make certain tracks more intimate and connect with the crowd as he shared his feelings about all the work he has put in.

Sitting there watching him and the crowd was an incredible sight. Seeing an artist of that magnitude perform in that setting, with the night sky above everyone right in the heart of summertime Chi, was truly unforgettable.

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