The London Bars Series with Chase and Status

Chase & Status - London Bars
Chase & Status - London Bars

Welcome to London. Introduced by producing duo Chase and Status, London Bars is a series which sees them team up with various grime rappers hailing from all parts of London.

Chase and Status are electronic producers who are very well-known in the UK, with their second album No More Idols certified 2x platinum. They produce in a variety of styles, most notably producing three songs for Rihanna’s Rated R album and the song “Jump” from her Unapologetic project in 2012.

With their latest project, London Bars, Chase and Status partnered with four established and upcoming grime stars from the English capital: Frisco, Bonkaz, Giggs and Novelist. The four tracks were released on a variety of YouTube channels that promote grime music: SBTV, Noisey, i-D and GRM Daily.

Volume #1 – Frisco

Frisco comes from Tottenham in North London and is a member of the grime collective Boy Better Known, which features the likes of Skepta and JME. The group has been known for connecting with Drake who even got himself a “BBK” tattoo back in October. Collaborating with Chase and Status, Frisco has yet again cemented himself as one of the leading grime artists in the UK.

You don’t rate Boy Better Know? That’s funny
Man can’t come around me and move funny
Start shutting down some of your favourite MCs
And see if you still find that shit funny

Volume #2 – Giggs

A rapper from Peckham in South London, Giggs is well-known for his songs “Look What the Cat Dragged In” and “Talkin’ da Hardest” which was produced by Dr. Dre. Showing off his flow and deep, trademark voice, he was featured on JME’s track “Man Don’t Care” which has clocked up 15 million views on YouTube.

I didn’t like that chick, I can’t lie, I got sick of her
And then the life kicked in, I can’t lie, I got pickier
It’s time to wipe that grin, and now my life got prettier
I’m in a blacked-out whip, but got the white interior

Volume #3 – Bonkaz

Bonkaz is an upcoming rapper from Croydon in South London who is just breaking into the mainstream grime scene. His song “We Run the Block” is one of the hottest grime songs out at the moment and Bonkaz shows off his lyrical prowess on this Chase and Status produced instrumental.

Couple man chasing papers, couple man chasing status
Couple man chasing dreams, at 19 I was chasing payments
14, I was chasing pagans, 10p fed ’em on the Space Invaders
Chinese food in the grey containers, weed in the blunt, tryna taste them flavours

Volume #4 – Novelist

Novelist is a 19-year-old rapper from Lewisham in South London. Formally part of the grime collective The Square, Novelist has started his solo career and is currently one of the most promising rising MC’s out at the moment. He has recently supported JME at shows and although he is relatively unknown at the moment, he is sure to blow up soon.

Got a style that can’t be written
And I’ve got a new flow that can’t be bitten
I’m a bad guy, not a good guy, I’m a villain
You’ll get murked on a riddim

Overall, the series manages to highlight the talent of each individual rapper with the help of some hard hitting Chase and Status production, all while showcasing some of the best rappers in the Grime scene today. With the recent growth in popularity of grime these names are definitely ones to watch out for in 2016.