London Rapper Adian Coker starts strong with CONNECT

Adian Coker via Twitter
Adian Coker via Twitter

South-London rapper Adian Coker premieres with his latest EP, CONNECT, a production-heavy focused EP. Coker’s found a sweet spot as CONNECT is only six tracks long and still makes an impact strong enough to matter. While his EP may be mastered for the production to be at the forefront, it feels like an EP that was spun under a well-known studio. This is upsetting, as Adian Coker only has 1500 followers on Facebook and a little over 500 followers on Soundcloud; yet sounds like he could be at the same level as artists that have much more.

CONNECT  opens with an enticing, bass-heavy build up similar to Mick Jenkin’s “Alchemy,” titled “Memories.” With expectations high, Adian Coker follows through after a wispy, dissipating hook. Coker’s lyricism matches the intuition the instrumental presents; wordplay, punchlines, and multi-syllabics are all there, especially with lines like “like a hustler wired/inspired/by what these niggas with pride/acquired/from afar I admired until I had the fire to go get what I desired.” The South-London Rapper also provides we’ve commonly seen in London; their own style of lyrical delivery and flow. This is a wonderful experience to behold. Hip-hop has always been admired in London especially with graffiti, b-boying, and battle-rap rings, but what’s greater than that is a style that London rappers like Adian Coker or Little Simz can fall behind and say that it’s their own. This style may have existed before them but they’re getting higher levels of international exposure. It’s fantastic to see the style organically grow and develop before our eyes.

Themes that encompass the album remain solid throughout. Since Adian Coker self-produces his own tracks, like Black Milk or Kanye West, this is a strength to behold as everything feels more cohesive in a project. Instrumentals never fail to entertain, and while that’s great, it’s important to note that at times it sounds too busy or too loud over the lyricism that Coker has. Even if his hooks may be hit or miss, he shouldn’t be afraid to let his lyricism shine over the instrumentals.

Adian Coker is a great, underappreciated artist that is a shining example of what London rap should be about. Don’t sleep on Adian Coker, talent doesn’t typically get its due until it’s too late.

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