Lloyd P-White is his own Superman

Superheroes are poppin’ lately. Hence the 50 trillion Marvel and DC movies coming out over the next few years. While that might become a saturated area, superheroes are still dope as hell and we all wish we could become one. These heroes come in all shapes, sizes, personalities, and beliefs. Even London’s own artist Lloyd P-White. The young and independent rapper might not be your typical superhero, but he’s sure making his case on his new track “Superman.” The track even comes with a vintage Man of Steel intro, allowing the nerd inside all of us to breathe a little bit.

“Superman” has a very upbeat feel to it, capitalizing off of the vibrant production from Freek van Workum, who has worked with artists like Kid Ink in the past. White is reminding you that not all heroes have to fly or wear a cape. Being fly around your block is enough. You always have to look towards the bright side of life. White’s gonna stay ballin’ whether you think he’s “Superman” or not.

Be sure to keep a lookout for the London MC this year. Who knows? You might see Lloyd P-White flying up in the clouds soon enough. For now, enjoy “Superman” above and stay on True Too for all things hip-hop.

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