Lostkeyz unleashes his demons with “Horror Stories”

Horror Stories (prod. Kuren) - Lostkeyz
Horror Stories (prod. Kuren) - Lostkeyz

Doron Losky, better known as Lostkeyz, is a young emerging Jazz-Hop artist hailing from the shores of Sydney, Australia. Despite being only 19, Lostkeyz is far from a rookie. The Australian artist comes fresh from a packed-out gig at Sydney’s The World Bar alongside Peezo and an electrifying performance at Day Of The Dead in Melbourne. In his latest track “Horror Stories,” Lostkeyz shows off his story-telling ability over a minimalistic beat produced by Kuren, an electronic-down-under-wizard. Taking a page out of Eminem’s book, Doron lets his skeletons out his closet. Lostkeyz faces his own horror story head on, cleverly immersing himself within the tale prior.

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