Mac Miller drops “My Favorite Part” visual

The Divine Feminine was Mac Miller‘s ode to love and the amazing creatures that are females. So far from the album we’ve gotten visuals for “Dang!” and “Stay,” both of which were quite pleasing to the eye. Tonight we received what was possibly the most anticipated video which is for the track “My Favorite Part,” which features Miller’s boo-thang Ariana Grande. If you didn’t know it already, Mac and Ari already own our hearts as True Too’s favorite musical couple because they’re perfect.

The video starts off with the classic black and white theme, giving it a film noir look. The scene is set as Ari pulls up in her tiny Fiat while Mac is smoking in the entryway to what we find out is their apartment building. Ariana continues on but has some trouble with her umbrella, but thankfully Mac is there to help while simultaneously proving chivalry isn’t dead. They continue up toward their respected apartments, revealing the fact that they are neighbors with nothing but drywall to separate the sexual tension. The side by side view of them in their respective homes is a very nice directorial choice, and as things heat up and get handsy the framing adds to the overall aesthetic. Their rooms also appear to start getting soaked with water. Either they need a better landlord or that’s a metaphor for something else. You be the judge:

An ending fit for a fairytale wraps everything up. Young strapping Mac works up the courage to knock on Ariana’s door but she was ready and waiting, pulling him in for what one can assume was the kiss of a lifetime. These two are still killing it as a pair. Here’s to hoping that there’s plenty more creativity to come from the duo in the future. Let us know what you think of the “My Favorite Part” video in the comments section and keep up with all things True Too for the latest in hip-hop news.

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