Make It Work – Blended Babies ft. Anderson .Paak, Asher Roth and Donnie Trumpet

Today we’re coming at you with a video off Blended Babies recent release The Anderson .Paak – EP, featuring songs produced by the group and performed by raps new go-to hook god. .Paak croons smoothly over the melancholic synths as he dances around in the ever-changing Hotline Bling-esque landscape of neon colors and shape filters. It wouldn’t be surprising if Ken Koller, the director, took a little inspiration from Drake’s mega-hit video. Unfortunately Donnie Trumpet doesn’t make an appearance in the video but Asher Roth shows his face after emerging from whatever hip hop dungeon he’s been hiding in for the past few months. Overall the trippy vibe of the song is really brought to life by neon covered women and a propensity for psychedelic filters, matching the overall mood of the song’s production. Let us know what you think of the video for Make It work above and check out Blended Babies’ EP on Spotify, and learn more about rap’s rising star Anderson .Paak here.

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